Featured: Scale Model Everett & Monte Cristo Railway

Local Washington resident Didrik Voss has created an impressive scale model replica of the Everett and Monte Cristo Railway. The layout covers the entire line from Everett to Monte Cristo, with all major stops and industries featured along the line. The layout has been covered in many model railroad magazines and is quite impressive to see, with detail down to the machinery installed inside the United Companies concentrator at Monte Cristo. Enjoy the below photos of the layout.

Didrik is currently working on a new project, creating a digital rendition of the same railway and surrounding towns using a computer simulation program. The detail in this model is amazing; Didrik uses original plat maps and photographs to literally recreate each individual building and feature of the towns in a 3D model. When complete, you’ll actually be able to “fly thru” the layout and witness the railway as seen by a passenger on the railway.

Reduction works in Everett

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Reduction works in Everett

July Work Party Scheduled for Sat July 21 9:00AM

Meet July 21 at Barlow Pass gate 9:00 AM. We have plans to bring paint equipment and supplies to put a fresh coat of red paint on the 3 resort cabins in the railroad yard. Plenty of work for everyone…we’ll also be brushing and road and trail maintenance as needed. Plan for a beautiful, warm and productive day!

Any questions, see the “Contact Us” page.

2018 Work Party Schedule

All our work parties will be on the third Saturday of each month, beginning in June. Those dates are: June 16, July 21, August 18, September 15, and October 20. We will now always meet at the new gate before the new CERCLA road, with the exception of our first work
party on June 16. For that one we will meet at our old location by the Barlow gate.

USFS Pre-NEPA Scoping Public Comment Period

The two USFS pre-NEPA Scoping meeting were held 1/27 and 2/5. You will find the USFS presentation attached in the posting immediately below this.

Public comments can be submitted to the USFS at comments-pacificnorthwest-mtbaker-snoqualmie-darrington@fs.fed.us up until March 5.

Within your email you can request to be included on the mailing list for future FS communications on this subject.

Important: Upcoming USFS meetings, January 27 & February 5

The Forest Service, Washington Trails Association (WTA), and the Monte Cristo Preservation Association (MCPA) are Hosting a Public Meeting Regarding the Future of Monte Cristo.

Everett, Wash. January, 2018

The U.S. Forest Service is hosting two open meetings on January 27th and February 5th. The Agency is inviting the public to interact with members of local non-profit organizations and land managers in order to share comments and opinions which will influence the future of Monte Cristo.

The Forest Service has recently completed cleanup of the Monte Cristo Mining Area under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA). With the clean-up being completed, there are still many management questions that need to be addressed such as: infrastructure, facilities, access, usage, preservation, and capacity. The questions to be answered will affect future management of public resources administered by the Forest Service.

District Ranger Peter Forbes states that “the public has an interest in Monte Cristo and the area surrounding it, we want to understand what that looks like.” The old mining town of Monte Cristo represents many things, to many different groups of people. The WTA, the MCPA, and representatives from the Forest Service plan to provide background information on Monte Cristo before answering questions and obtaining feedback.

The meeting schedule is as follows:

January 27th from 9 – 11 a.m.: The Wall Street Building, 2930 Wetmore Ave., Everett, WA 98201 (Access into the building will be facilitated by an escort between 8:45 and 9:30 a.m.).

February 5th from 5:15 – 7:30 p.m.: The Everett Library, 2702 Hoyt Ave., Everett, WA 98201.

For more information, contact Public Affairs Specialist, Colton Whitworth at coltonwwhitworth@fs.fed.us.

Also, review this essay detailing the 1994 USFS acquisition of the Monte Cristo Resort property: 1994 Resort purchase

Annual Winter Social – February 3, 2018

Our Annual Winter Social is February 3rd at 5:30pm.

Louise Lindgren will be presenting a PowerPoint slide show featuring the late Courtney Bell and we will also be presenting plans for the new interpretive site on MCPA property.

Although there will have already been one public meeting to discuss suggestions for the Forest Service to start their NEPA process, we will still have more time at this meeting to gather more input.

The Winter Social is to start at 5:30 pm with a potluck dinner. Please bring food (main, side or dessert) and serving utensils for the potluck. The location is the same as usual: Jennings Memorial Park in Marysville, also known as “The Barn”.

Directions: “The Barn” At Jennings Memorial Park 6915 Armar Road, Marysville, WA
Going north on I-5, exit #199 at Marysville and go right (east) on 4th St, about 3⁄4 miles. Then turn left (north) on 47th–this becomes Armar Rd. At approximately 1⁄2 mile, turn right into Jennings Memorial Park driveway. The Barn is about 300 feet from the Armar Road entrance. Going south on I-5, exit #200 (88th St) and go east to State Ave. Turn right on State and go south, about 1 mile to John Anderson St (also called, “Grove St.”). Turn left on Grove St. and go east .7 miles to 51st. Then turn right (south) on 51st (Armar Road), about .2 miles to Jennings Memorial Park. The Barn is about 300 feet from the Armar Road entrance.